Demo version limited to 40 entries / rows.

All Excel Filing Systems present at this homepage provide unlimited functionalities. So the complete range of applications can be used from everybody for private purposes. Commercial use is prohibited without written confirmation of the author.


Still, the versions available at this page are demo versions, limited to a maximum amount of 40 entries per EFS. Within that range all options described at this homepage are fully usable.  Unlimited versions are available against a friendly acknowledgement of 20 EUR.


Accordingly, for an upgrade of existing EFS (demo versions) to unlimited use you need an upgrade file, which can be applied to all of your EFS created so far. So the preparations done already will not turn out to be useless :-)




So far Excel Filing System is only available in English.

EFS functions are not limited by language. But labels and messages inside EFS will appear in English only.


Support is unfortunately not permanently available for EFS due to the challanging situation of the author.

Anyway unlimited EFS versions will receive - as soon as possible - support via e-mail.

Thanks for your understanding.







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