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I'm Andreas. To be honest, the "us" in "About us" is rather a "me" - and  I am quite busy with my job and my family. As a father of four little children life is not really boring. Similar challenging is the job, where over many years I developed some little tools for myself to save some time by better organization.


One essential tool was a simple but effective ToDo-List, which found its way also to many other colleagues. Derived from the general principle of this little tool sooner or later a little filing system was born which made my business life much more easy and organized in many ways. Since it was based on a nice list I called it "Excel Filing System".

Working with several of those helpful little databases they turned out to be a great support for "stupid things" in the office - for example to find certain notes or documents going back some 7 or 8 years within seconds.


At a certain point I realized (after having meanwhile about 25 or 30 different filing systems for a huge range of different issues in place for myself) that the tool had such a universal character that each and everything - files to be organized and stored, information from various project contexts, documentation of tasks even from whole project teams - could be handled with the "Excel Filing System".


So finally I was convinced that there should be many other people "out there", working eventually in a similar style like me - who could be interested in such a solution for organizing certain issues. That's how I decided to give it a try and to share my little development with all of you.







Vision & Mission


Quick access to information makes happy - because it saves time.

We believe that everybody is able to organize data - at least with the right tools.


Our vision is, that EFS is an easy platform for everybody - even for those people who don't like EXCEL pretty much - because everything is already prepared & ready to use. And no special skills are needed.


Our mission is to provide such a general tool that a great variety of different purposes can be supported.

Easy - and simply with existing standard software.





We enjoy the power of organization.