Different uses of EFS. 

Follow the links to get access to different examples.


administrate the addresses of your friends
e.g. EFS - Address List

[A]   EFS List

Advanced and optimized list for pure contents.



administrate your pictures according to events and categories
e.g. EFS - Picture Administration

[B]   FileStorage

Access to data folders.



access your manuals with one click
e.g. EFS - Manual Administration

[C]   DirectFile

Open specific files directly.



write and adminstrate your MOMs with ease
e.g. EFS - Memo Handling

[D]   MemoFile

Create and handle memos in an easy way.



store recipies in separate sheets
e.g. EFS - Recipies

[E]   TopicFile

Summarize important infos at one page.



keep overview about the single machines
e.g. EFS - Rental Machine Administration

[F]   LogBook

Documentate developments for each item - like a diary.



check the ToDo's of yourself and your team
e.g. EFS - ToDo List

[G]   ToDo-List

Keep track of tasks..








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