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Who doesn't know the situation?

Your cookbooks comes not only with nice recipes - but also with dozens of single handwritten notes with nice recipes as well, collected from your friends.

And the book even cannot close anymore.  The same time it's almost impossible to find the "right" note immediately. So the big search begins...


As a consequence, a certain place is desired where to store those notes and - even more - where to find the recipe in question within seconds!

Well, no problem...


... a typical issue to be solved with EFS.




- standard EFS template

- recipes simply listed by name and description

- TopicFile created per button, automatically stored in related Folder; key information transferred to the file.

- direct opening of TopicFile for modification per button

- Further info added manually into TopicFile

- QuickView function for (final) pdf-files



download example
compressed file archive 3.1 MB






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